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Balance Transfer General

If you’re trying to pay down credit card debt, then transferring your balance to a card with a 0% APR promotional rate is one way to wipe out your balance quickly. But you might find yourself confused by the plethora of offers out there.

It’s finally happened. You met the love of your life, moved in, maybe tied the knot. All is bliss. Except for one thing: you’ve got debt.

If one of your resolutions for 2016 was to pay down your debt and you haven’t made much headway yet, not to worry: you still have plenty of time. Here are four ways you can put a significant dent in your debt in less than a year.

If you’re trying to pay down debt and get financially fit, one of the best things you can do is transfer your outstanding balances to a 0% APR credit card. This way, the entire amount you pay each month will go toward paying your debt down, not toward ...

If you are struggling to pay off a large amount of debt on your credit card, opening a new credit card may not sound like the best solution. Counterintuitive as it may seem, however, applying for a balance transfer credit card may be the fastest way for you ...

Transferring a big balance to a new credit card with a 0% APR offer can save you a lot of money when you are trying to pay down your debt. With so many great balance transfer credit cards to choose from – especially if you have great credit, but even if you ...

Balance transfer credit card offers can feel like a dime a dozen. Zero-percent APRs, 18-month promotional periods, no-fee transfers, no interest on purchases, sign-on bonuses for transferring a balance: the incentives to transfer can be pretty compelling.

Most people are aware that transferring a balance is a great way to pay down debt fast and save money while doing it. But beware of these three common mistakes that can trip you up.

If you throw away any balance transfer offer that comes your way, thinking you don’t need to take advantage of such a thing, you could be throwing money away. Balance transfer offers aren’t scams or tricks to lure you into spending money.

It happens to all of us at some point. We miss a payment due on our credit card, accidentally exceed our credit limit, or get hit with an annual fee we didn’t expect. The penalty might be $10, $35, or even $95—but no matter what the amount is, it’s an expense ...


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