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Balance Transfer Credit Cards for Limited or No Credit

If you have limited or no credit, your choices for a credit card with a 0% balance transfer offer will be a little narrower than if you had very good credit. But there are still cards out there for you. Credit issuers often give the opportunity to transfer the balance but without 0% APR. In this case you will be offered a lower APR during introductory period. Or you may be offered a low APR credit card without promotional period but with balance transfer option.

If you choose the right credit card that offers a balance transfer for limited or no credit, you can pay off your debt faster and also improve your credit rating. Your limited credit will mean that the offer you accept may have a shorter 0% APR term and higher fees. A balance transfer fee will apply to each balance that you transfer from another card and are usually around 3 to 4% of each amount. But even if you pay that balance transfer fee, you still can save hundreds of dollars on low or zero interest.

Required Credit History: Limited / No
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Save up to:  $484  with this card
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  • A real line of credit for people with limited or no credit.
  • Earn rewards on all purchases, every day.
  • Help strengthen your credit with responsible card use.
  • Monthly Reporting to major Consumer Reporting Agencies.
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Balance Transfer is Only the Beginning

Once you got your balance transfer card for limited or no credit history and transferred your balance to it, you may think you have done all you need to do and can sit back and save money - but that is not quite true.

A balance transfer takes about four weeks to complete. While you are waiting, continue to make all required payments, until you receive verification that the debt was indeed transferred to a new credit card. Keep in mind, transferring a balance does not mean your old account will close automatically. You will have to decide if it's worth keeping the old account open to avoid a drop in your credit score. Remember, closing your old credit account decreases your credit score, because of diminishing credit activity in your report.

It is very important to remember that you need to make all payments on time. If you pay late you can lose your 0% balance transfer offer so always make sure your payments are made in advance of the due date each month.