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Balance Transfer Finder

Our easy in use tool shows the best-case repayment scenario for you offering the best balance transfer offers. The Finder carries out the analysis and search for the balance transfer offers taking into account your unique situation. It provides the report where the amount of possible savings within indicated introductory period is shown. The found offers can be sorted out by savings or introductory period, depending on your preferences.

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Understanding the Balance Transfer

If you got lost in payment due dates of your credit cards or if the debt burden is becoming unbearable to you, think of transferring your balance into one balance transfer credit card without, if you are lucky, paying a balance transfer fee. With a 0% APR balance transfer credit card you can pay off your balances at better terms during introductory period and save money.

But before you start balance transfer process you should know the basics. You won't be able to transfer more than the available credit limit on the balance transfer card. Most credit issuers charge a balance transfer fee which is usually 3% of balance transferred. Keep in mind that it may take up to thirty days to transfer the balance from one card into another, so take it into account when you make your repayment plan.

Some credit issuers allow several balance transfers into one balance transfer credit card. If introductory period is long enough and your debt is too big, think of dividing it into two or more parts. Paying just a part of your debt can save you a lot.

And the most important, make sure you will manage to pay transferred balance during introductory period, otherwise a high APR will rack up debt.