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Balance Transfer Credit Cards for Fair Credit

If you have fair credit, there will be fewer credit card offers with a 0% interest on balance transfer than if you had good or excellent credit. But there are still cards with attractive offers. If you choose the right credit card to transfer your balance to, you can pay off your debt without incurring interest payments while also improve your credit rating with responsible behavior.

A fair credit score means that the offers available to you will have a shorter 0% APR term and higher fees than the offers available to people with better scores. Or you may find the offers with a lower than usual introductory APR on balance transfer with or without promotional period. People with a fair score will be turned down for offers that are above their credit rating, so it's important to apply for a card that matches your credit history.

A balance transfer fee will apply to each balance that you transfer from another card. These are usually around 3 to 4% of each amount. However it may become nothing in comparison how much you will save if transfer your balance to a low introductory APR credit card and pay off the debt.

Required Credit History: Fair
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  • Fair Credit History? Apply or pre-qualify for a credit card today!
  • Earn great rewards or simply build your credit with responsible card use!
  • Monthly reporting to major consumer reporting agencies and 24/7 access to your account.
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Balance Transfer Credit Card to Improve Fair Credit

There are plenty of cards you can choose from even if your credit score is only fair. You can get six months or a year of 0% APR on the card, and you are also eligible for rewards that can include free tickets, hotel stays, merchandise, gift certificates and cash back.

Here are some tips to improve your fair credit rating once you receive your new card:

  • Always make payments on time. It is even more important when you are trying to improve your credit score so you can apply for cards with greater rewards in the future.
  • If you miss at least one payment you can lose your 0% APR and incur penalty fees. A good way to safeguard against this is to set up automatic payments via your card issuer's web site.
  • Avoid making purchases on your balance transfer credit card to help you pay down the balance you transferred before the 0% promotional rate period ends.
  • Get a separate 0% APR card for purchases to help you track current spending against your income and budget.
  • Avoid maxing out your credit card by charging up to your credit limit. It hurts your credit score and you might incur a penalty payment for going over your limit.

Paying down your debt using this action plan will help you improve your credit score so you are eligible for the very best credit card offers in the near future. Watch your debt go down and your credit score go up if you follow these simple guidelines and adhere to the agreement you make with the credit card issuer.