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Best 0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards

If you want to escape high-interest credit card rates, pay off balances faster, and save money, then you're in the right place has been bringing customers the very best 0% APR balance transfer offers since 1999. Pay no interest on your balance transfers for up to 18 months or more.

Balance Transfer Check List

Selecting the right balance transfer credit card is not an easy task. Here are some things to remember that may help you avoid mistakes when you complete a balance transfer:

  • Check the length of the offered introductory period and its expiration date.
  • Check if there are any monthly or annual fees that are disclosed in the offer.
  • Check to see if the introductory rate applies to a single balance transfer or multiple balance transfers that can be done anytime during the introductory period.
  • Check to see if you can make purchases with your balance transfer card. Although these credit cards are not meant for purchases, they do come with higher credit limit, so you will need to check the rates on purchases as well.
  • Check the standard rate that will apply at the end of the zero percent introductory period.
  • Check for other hidden costs or transaction fees that may apply.

Additional food for thought:

1. Get your record straight. Prior to applying for a balance transfer credit card, request a free credit report from one of the three major consumer reporting agencies. Review your collection accounts for outdated information, and send a request to Experian, Equifax, or TransUnion to update your credit report if any mistakes are found.

2. 0% APR on Balance Transfer and New Purchases. The introductory APR applies only to the amount that you've transferred. The introductory offer almost never extends to standard purchases and cash advances. Unless advertised otherwise, all new purchases will come in at an ongoing interest rate.

3. Read the disclosure statement. For example, some credit cards appear to offer zero annual fee, but disclose in the fine print, that a monthly maintenance fee will be applied. A hidden fee may add up to a large amount over the years, so make sure to read the fine print. In order to gain maximum savings, compare your current interest rate on your debt with every cost associated with your balance transfer credit card.

Balance Transfer Finder

Don`t know what balance transfer offer to choose? Use the tool to analyse your particular situation. See the credit cards offered and pick one.
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